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  • product name: Resin Tube
  • Product number: yht-010

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Wear resistant, easy to bend, many can cause other types of pipe failure of the material, it has no effect.
The inner wall of nylon pipe is smooth, smooth, no rust, no scaling.
Nylon tubes can be bent and easy to install, capable of corrosion of many chemicals. It has a long life span in its application, and it has great stability in tension and bending.
Nylon tube has a great resistance, so it can be used as an insulator.
The size of the pipe made of nylon pipe material is stable and the permeability is very small.
Use scope: air, water, chemicals, instruments, lubrication line irrigation control system, textile factory, food factory, vehicle and ship fuel delivery pipe, vacuum system, air conditioning system, vibration insulator, such as electrostatic insulator Jide industry.
Can be in 40 degrees Celsius - +120 Celsius temperature range to maintain flexibility, normal work.

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