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  People-oriented: "people-oriented" dignity is the highest, of men and admit the individual demand of employees, respect for the individual value and dignity of the employees, the company to develop the necessary manpower and material resources, financial resources, etc. Various kinds of resources, human resources in the first place, comprehensive training talents, reasonable use of talent, one thousand to retain talent, efforts to improve the quality of the staff, give full play to their potential, arouse their enthusiasm, enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force, the company has a high-quality staff, in every field of management, to mutual understanding, common goals, make yi hengtai company of leading companies in the world.

  Honesty: "honest and trustworthy" is the company's business, is the path to the success of the company, is the foundation of company development, is the company's market competition means, is a valuable hengtai company eternal commitment to the society. Social good faith for the country, the good faith, the good faith for customers, the integrity of employees is the essence of the beneficial hengtai culture, cherish the good faith is the treasure of our cause, cherish our future, we firmly believe that a more sincere pay, will have to trust in return.

  The pursuit of excellence, "the pursuit of excellence" the management of the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence quality. Throughout the course of management by the concept of the pursuit of excellence, constantly capture is more suitable for the company's management mode. The pursuit of excellence quality, employee performance dare to challenge themselves, toward a higher, bigger, updated ambitious goal, we always adhere to the "or not to be, to do the best" spirit, with excellent products, excellent service, excellent talent, excellent efficiency to measure their own work.

  Continuous improvement: "continuous improvement" execution of continuous quality improvement, improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, the purpose is to enhance customer satisfaction. Yi hengtai company implements the full participation, everyone is improved, and attaches great importance to the process management, everything is improving, everywhere can be improved, the whole process of management, and constantly improve, continuous improvement is a valuable hengtai an eternal goal of the company.

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